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    I currently use the Original Vandoren V16 6* with a #2 Plasticover reed. It has a medium chamber and I really like it a lot. Now he talks about a new large chamber one at the end of the video. I will probably have to pick that one up to see the difference. It could be a back up. Maybe it will be more suited for Rock music? The medium chamber one sounds pretty nice when pushed with the plasticover reed. I would be staying in the V16 line. For now I have found something that works for me so I want to stick with it.


    Great vid @Mel many thanks and very informative too.
    Bro CV prob has all those and more! heapsa textures and knowledge
    Do you know a good blues mp at an economy price? bright and crisp with a brash rip & tear
    The D’Addario mp (2nd) sounds interesting. Heady. Actually it’s nice to hear the subtle changes in ’em all!

    Sure glad to hear you are remaining in good health. And something sticks.
    Gottya ears on. Keep on getting it on, and, stay well.
    Pleased to meet you. Excellento.


    I own the first three he played, TE 7*, V16 7*, Dadarrio 9. They are all great playing but I have to say if I could just own one It would probably be the Dadarrio. It just plays really easy and has a big sound but that might be because its a 9. Thanks for posting.


    I picked up the New V16 Large Chamber. I like it a lot. It’s somewhat darker than the medium chamber maybe beacuse it is a more centered sound. Still can push an edgy sound on it with the plasticover reeds. Defanitely a bigger sound on my sax. Nice mouthpiece for the price.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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