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    Here’s some sax good patterns of a harp riff by SBII Key of E
    Straight bar
    A harp

    Baby G# G (F#)

    Ba-by Bb G# G G# (F#)

    then, ba ba bah ba ba bah around on C# to B
    the “puck” sound is 2 and 3 suck being C# and F, and can be bent to to B D

    warble G# B


    For alto, all the notes here are 4 more steps up i guess
    i’d like to try my alto but got probs with getting embouchere to work, after beginning on tenor



    good track i can hear the 4 beats to the bar, if i did tenor sax
    on that i would play Boom Boom Boom Boom, rather than copy the mouth organ
    or singer

    1 3b 4 1 (ex in Emaj – E G A E)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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