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      Howz thangs? Hope you are getting somewhere.

      i wish i could play like John instead of braying but am getting there in resolute fashion. And noteworthy style. Especially reading them on the music staff and gaining some muscle memory. I am gonna work on Into the Mystic and bang it out for you to see. Ya. Another song in the key of F is Rocket 88.

      Wishing you great strides in your own saxatastic continuing enterprizes!



            When i started playing the sax i didn’t use a patch and the tone was great, however my teeth kept sliding on the mouthpiece, so i played with a rubber patch and noticed straight away it dulled the pitch, however i got used to the sound.

            Then i wore out the patch, and i couldn’t get hold of another patch, so i made one out of an old cane reed to the exact shape and size. The pitch was far superior than rubber – imagine an acoustic guitar made out of rubber that sounds horrible, to me that’s what rubber does it dampens vibrations. Wood or fibre vibrate better than rubber.

            the only reason i moved to fibre is it’s harder to bite through than wood.


              yup, I’ve had the problem of going thru my mp’s cause of my exremely hard bite (according to my dentist).
              patches never worked as they wore out in hours. Even as they were still whole it felt very weird and uncomfortable so I agree. But there are many who get used to them I guess.

            Viewing 5 posts - 11 through 15 (of 15 total)
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