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    randy hunterrandy hunter

    Hi I am Randy K Hunter. The k is somewhat formal, but There is another Randy Hunter that plays saxophone. He is a teacher. I just got back on YouTube after 4 years.
    I played Georgia on my Mind on Alto. Just playing in my basement.

    Johnny is awesome. Best regards. Randy


    well played randy! Good to see you enjoying yourself – that’s what it’s all about.

    randy hunterrandy hunter

    thank you.


    Hey Randy, way to go, and good for you to record and share.
    the two most important things you can start to focus on is intonation and how to stop your notes.
    Are you working with a tuner at all yet?
    The way we stop notes is important because letting them fad away without using our tong to stop them can add to the bad intonation….as you let it fade, it becomes flatter because it’s not getting enough air.

    randy hunterrandy hunter

    There is a tuner on the music stand behind me. That won’t keep you in tune during the performance. I will focus on that. Thanks for the tip. That is why I joined the premium membership.

    randy hunterrandy hunter

    So, bending notes like guitar players is against the rules? I have never been told to tongue whole notes at the end. I’m not saying it’s not right, just never heard that one. Air support is important. Just trying to be better.

    Robert Frederick


    I like this song. You are really putting yourself into it.

    The little riffs you put in at the end were very cool.

    The recording levels sound good to me and you can even bring your part out even more.

    Recording yourself and putting these things out there can make you feel a little nervous and hesitant. So lay it out there baby. I look forward to seeing your next posting.

    Dr. Zoot.

    randy hunterrandy hunter

    Thank you. I appreciate that. trying to improve.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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