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    Vincent Gaglio

    I have been looking at getting the Saxsharma G Alto Mouthpiece, anyone have any experience and know about them? There are so many manufacturers ?????


    I think you mean the Sakshama. yes I’ve tried one. It’s basically a modified MB1 like the one i play.
    Yes, he (Sakshama) does very good work with his modifications.
    I included one of those in this video:

    yes Vinny, there are so many now…. it can become a frustrating for some, when I found one that blew nice and was comfortable I just stuck with it. My friend in the video was a huge influence on me, and a player I really looked up to in the local scene here in Vancouver (Wayne Kozak) and he was the one who let me try his original MBI, that’s the reason I got one…ordered it the next day!
    Well, Wayne has a ton of mp’s and is constantly either getting new ones or modifying the ones he has. Some can’t help it!


    Heya @Johnny at about 1:34 you can see your mp, that is where the reed (hemp fibrereed) is projecting a coupla mm out.

    Do you find it works better that way? Be interested to know your thoughts, thanks

    Is this somethink you’ve found works better on synthetics?

    i’m gonna try it now. Usually i have the reed just slightly back from the end of the mp.
    Hmm. Finding gotta blow a lot harder from diaghram to get a sound.

    Gotta otto link copy *9 offa Ebay for fifty bucks recently, i now prefer it way more than my Selmer S80 D.
    Hope the cheap Chinese metals aren’t poisoning me but ya itz a fun way to go out anywayz lol


    no not alt all, I think I was taking the reed off and the camera caught that…I actually place it dead even with the mp tip then slide it down by just a hairline. But you need to press the reed tip on the mp tip so it’s touching and you can see this hairline, not while the reed is sitting away from the mp as it does naturally.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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