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Home Alt Forums Music Theory Should you play the score exactly as written?

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    Leo Salu


        Yes – my music teacher taught me to play every music sheet exactly as written.

        1st of all learn to play the sheet first with a metronome.
        2nd then and only then start practicing the sheet with a backing track.
        3rd (optional) if you have time, learn to play it without a sheet along side the backing track.

        The next thing he taught me – Every Music Sheet is a blank canvas!

        In other words like an artist you are presented with a blank canvas – your music sheet.
        You are expected to paint a new picture from that canvas in other words, you play the music sheet in your own style – that may or may not include adding or removing notes or altering the way various notes are articulated.

        However if you are playing a sheet and everyone expects you to play it exactly as it would have originally sounded then stick to the sheet – don’t mess with the audience.

        4th – Do not attempt to alter the way the sheet is played until you have completed steps 1) and 2)

        i read about chopin’s partner – she claimed that Chopin struggled to write down his music sheets accurately and that when he played his music he improvised far more than his music sheets depicted and his improvisations were far better than when his music sheets were played as written.

        So who knows, all music sheets may not be written as accurately as the composer notated, after all notation is a complicated skill.

        Leo Salu

          I have to admit, i do not play the sheet exactly as written, I like to change octaves, add notes or skip notes, figure it makes the song a bit more mine.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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