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    Hi Johnny,

    Thanks for the update. I have included a transcription with the solo for you.

    Enjoy, Larry

    OK it does not like a PDF file….how can I send it?

    Can you just play with the pentatonic scale over those bars for beginners?

    Yes, the pentatonic is good for that.


    Hey guys, Larry kindly sent me this hand written transcription for tequila which also includes the solo section. I haven’t played thru it yet but all the notes appear to be there. Hopefully this will help those at least start to get a handle on copying the original solo. I will also get a complete lesson up for this as soon as I can in the very near future.

    Click this link for the PDF of the solo:



    just re-downloaded the latest tequila music sheet, and watched the free tutorial, being an alto player, for me it’s interesting to see how it’s done on alto.


    If Chuck Rio (guy who recorded the original) had played it on alto there’s no way some of those solo parts would be as they are on tenor.
    Like those 2 bars of 16th note triplets tied to an 18th note… doing that move from C to middle D is NOT easy…impossible for me that’s why I talked about a way around it in the lesson!


    Heya @sxpoet !!

    am ever so glad you have swung by in your happy trails with your alto in hand
    we certainly love you altissimo time you hyperspatial man of mystery you lol
    welcome home mate / your highly valued input always greatly appreciated
    true 🙂

    Johnny’s tutes / blogs on the Dom 7 scale and “Tequila” sure have got plenty of us on track
    Is it not fantastic his relaxed teaching manner of late – how he sings the notes out like?
    fluid & dynamic, you can see this rockin’ method developing, say, in how he lays out, “born to run” solo too
    finding it so easy to relate to in this fashion, i just love it, and, makes learning ESPECIALLY easy too,hey
    personally am hoping to see it resonating in time equably and diligently through the frequency spectrum

    on a different note, so i gotta Hercules sax holder on Ebay coming soon and can then leave my alto out
    whoo hoo – look out !!
    wow if i draw close to my alto, will it draw close to me ??

    i like this guy Dan featured below, as he has good vibes, and he is a developing force to reckon with

    anywayz, as you may appreciate, herewith a recent teethy alto expose below on his account – do you like it?


    @Johnny – cool, master class demo.

    @saxomonic – waiting to hear one of your uploads, there’s no hills nearby for me take off to!

    Busy going through lots of common jazz phrasing articulation types of phrases, not practicing any specific songs as such.
    Now when i listen to a sax tune, i can identify a lot of common phrases being played, and know how they are being played. Some of these phrasings takes a lot of work to master, but once you can do them, it makes life a lot easier when you come across them in different song sheets.

Viewing 7 posts - 11 through 17 (of 17 total)
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