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    Have you seen this compilation of over 625 standards and jazz classics?
    I’ve just received my copy.

    It is printed by Hal Leonard and has many jazz songs – ISBN : 978-0-88188-981-9
    The best part is it available in Eb, so we Alto players don’t have to transpose.

    The music books I’ve been buying cost half the price and might have only 20-30 songs.
    This compilation is great for getting a taste of the many varied music styles.

    The binding could be better but the quality of the printing is excellent.

    Check it out!

    William Cingolani
    William Cingolani

    I have that book Jeff. Great book.



    I’ll have to get that book

    A similar book i bought recently is “The Eb Real Book” isbn 978-0-634-06075-5

    this has 452 pages of songs – it also shows the chords as well

    I prefer to buy books with backing track cd’s, but these books are good value
    for money – especially if you just want to randomly do a lot of sight reading
    exercises, which is more beneficial than playing the same songs over and over
    (unless of course you want to master them & it floats your fun boat – so to speke)



    I decided to splash out and get what I need now, because our Rand’s value is falling faster than a lead budgie against the dollar. Soon they may be calling our currency ‘Cents’!!!

    I also bought the Bach Fake Book, the Classical Fake Book and the Praise and Worship Fake Book.
    Now I have enough sight reading material to last me till 2055!



    useful tip – i checkout all my local charity/2nd hand book shops for any books on sax/sax music.

    A 1/3 rd of my sax books are from these shops. You find amazing stuff some of it brand new, some of it from out of print books that have come from house clearances etc..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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