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      I bought the Theo Wanne Water MP out of curiosity as I couldn’t afford his metal MP’s. This is a construction change using A.R.T. plastic instead of metal at a very resonable price. I started playing it with a #2 reed and was impressed by the tone quality and it’s ability to play softly. Yesterday I tried a #1 reed and now I can play half as soft again. I play hymns in church and don’t want to drown out the other musicians. With this MP and soft reed I can play as quietly as a flute. If you are looking for a solution to playing softly and not disturb others. I highly recommend this MP as it can play quite loud too, with a little more breath and pressure. This has been my best MP purchase to date as it is reasonably priced and performs beautifully. I believe students and beginners will find this MP easy to play and have a great tone. Regards Jeff

      Theo Wanne Water MP


        Hi thanks for the mp info, Jeff, they sound great! Especially the subdued aspect, i will be looking for one too!

        Got the alto out recently, and later scored a new mp from Ebay for $100

        At first i couldn’t get it cranking but working well now on Java Green (JF reccomendation) 2
        Having no luck with Bari brand synthetic M

        But like Bari on tenor, and, somethink diffedrent currently using a Legere classic 2

        What reed brands do you prefer? Thanks bro.

        Again, thanking you.
        Cheers, Mark 🙂


          Hi Mark
          I’ve been using the Vandoren Java Green and the Vandoren Blue Reeds. Numbers 2, 2½ and now 1 on the H2O MP.
          I rinse my reeds after playing and store them in a plastic tube with a sponge soaked in Listerine,
          so they last me many months.

          Funny story, our local shop had a special on the Theo Wanne Fire MP and as it was marked down I bought one.
          Man you can crack rocks with this MP, I’ll have to wear earplugs if I want to play this.
          Vietnam gunnery sergeant loud!!!

          The Theo Wanne H2O MP is a beautiful MP, it doesn’t look that impressive but it plays effortlessly.
          I’ve just downloaded the Spooky track so I’m going to work on that tune.
          Cheers Jeff


            Spooky! Way cool, Jeff! I’m sold; will report back later. Size 3 ((0.061″) only and comes with lig / cap ya?

            Appreciate the tips on cane care too. I’ve never seen a 1 reed only 1.5 so gonna go lookin’and blowin’.
            I haven’t tried blue and will give it a swing by sourcing some on Ebay,say.

            Be keeping an eye and ear out for the Fire MP too, you beaut.

            I use a Otto Link Super Tone Master 7* and use to use a Selmer S80D earlier. Have some old green thang that came with some reeds offa Ebay once but can’t remember the name of that particular mp but the local sax tech said it was worth about $300 second hand, i haven’t used it as got used to metal. JF has suggested a Jody Jet so keeping my eyes open for one for the tenor.

            Thanking you, cheers Mark

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            ~~~~~~ / ~~~~~~

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            Spooky Original

            ~~~~~~ / ~~~~~~


            ~~~~~~ / ~~~~~~



            [Verse 1]
            In the cool of the evening
            When everything is getting kinda groovy
            I call you up and ask you
            Would you like to go with me and see a movie
            At first you say no you’ve got some plans for tonight
            And then you stop and say, “alright”
            Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you

            [Verse 2]
            You always keep me guessing
            I never seem to know what you are thinking
            And if a fellow looks at you
            You’d be sure your little eye will be a-winking
            I get confused cause I don’t know where I stand
            And then you smile and hold my hand
            Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you


            [Verse 3]
            If you decide someday
            To stop this little game that you are playing
            I’m gonna tell you all the things
            My heart’s been a-dying to be saying
            Just like a ghost
            You’ve been a-haunting my dreams
            So I propose on Halloween
            Love is kinda crazy
            With a spooky little girl like you
            You might also like
            One in a Million
            Guns N’ Roses
            Princess Diana
            Ice Spice & Nicki Minaj
            Hands up!
            I said Spooky…

            ~~~~~~ / ~~~~~~


                Hi Mark, the Spooky track is Johnny’s latest version in his music catalog.
                Shapiro & Middlebrooks.
                Excellent value for money, clear sheet music and quality backtracks.
                They are selling the TW H2O MP here for only $86.25
                Cheers Jeff

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