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    Playing by ear is where i’m at currently in the learning curve. Does anyone have any tips, thanks? Much appreciated.
    I know @johnny is now offering a transcribing service. If my ears don’t improve soon then i’ll be a huge customer!

    Here’s a good site below. He advises best to take it slowly – and sing the notes – in learning to transcribe.
    Mainly Jazz, but you’ll find a few good artists here eh like Cannonball Adderley and Dexter Gordon.


    brother cavefish
    brother cavefish

    get a slow downer program, it slows everything down But stays in key, it hels with those tricky slurs, falloffs, combo moves by key players,



    whoo Hoo
    Thanking you very kindly, Sir Brother Cavefish, for the sound advice and warm undercurrents so hey — i have just downloaded Anytune Pro on my phone and i have Tonal Energy on anther old phone. I can slow them tunes down and tune ’em up in the bathoshere (hopefully)with the two devices.
    So its Shotgun and Night Train to test the waters whereupon.

    The reading music thang is not happenning i gonna use a number system as B = 1 A = 2 etc written atop the score. And sing more.

    i hoped you have tuned me into the dialed in ears set at last, Brother

    You hold the keys to the Cave, and, be it remembered we appreciate your full and timely measure.

    🙂 shots may be heard on track

    Again, thanking you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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