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    Mike Potter

    Back about 8/9 years ago I connected with a young guitar player/song writer on a music forum. He was finishing up a song he wanted to enter into a song writing contest in Finland (his home). He asked if I’d help him out, so he sent me his mixed down track and asked if I could add some horns over the opening chord changes, a short solo and horns over through the end of the tune. I recorded maybe 10 or so different takes and sent them back to him, fully expecting him to say “thanks…” and then never hear from him again. About a week later he sent me back this track and telling me he had entered the song in the contest, he didn’t win but got “honorable mention”, but I think he was just being nice! We stayed in touch over the years and he’s a sound/studio engineer, has his own company based in Europe (Backstreets Mastering). I was actually a little embarrassed, okay a lot embarrassed, to send him the tracks, I just didn’t feel like any of my solos did his song any justice but I told him I’d do my best, he was really happy with the results.

    Stanislas Gaillard

    The intro reminds me a little bit “born to run”. I love the way you are super comfortable with the growl. Great solo Mike !

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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