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      Australian scientist Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, who has degrees in medicine and biomedical engineering, revealed the quick hack to banishing repetitive songs stuck in your head, is to chew gum.


        Yo James! You beaut, bandicoot. Thanx mate! You’re the best. Cheers Mark

        Chew on this, that is with your kind indulgence ~


          Hi Saxomonica – i did the melodic improvising course last year, it has been renamed since then. i just went for the 90$ option which is a self study instead of the $300 online with feedback. Didn’t regret doing it, just enjoyed doing something different with the sax.


            singing by numbers is very useful, my sax teacher had me doing that 2 yrs ago, i think it’s a requirement in the abrsm sax exams that students do through the grades.

            he also tested me by playing up to 5 notes on his sax, and then i had to replay the same notes on my sax by ear, i managed to do better than i thought. It’s just practice.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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