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      Hi @John
      i’d like to convert my song backing downlods on my CHECKOUT Tab Purhase History to WAV files so i can run them through a BOSS RC 30 i’m getting soon, details below

      Currently my songs go to a download on my PC then open in Music Player
      i need to get them to thumb drive in wav file format
      Do you know how to go about this, please? Thanks heaps mate 🙂


        I’m not familiar with the Boss product you have but it’s all in the transferring / downloading / rendering stage.
        My recording program used the term “rendering” and then has many options for what you want your audio to end up as when you take it from that DAW or program you use.
        Just keep in mind that when you convert an mp3 to a WAV file you won’t get a better higher quality file, it’s just being converted by name not highe quality so don’t do it for that reason.
        You can still do it of course if you need that .WAV extension for some other reason instead of an .mp3


          Thanks John for the solid info! I found some links to try, hoping to post a vid or two soon, cheers and thanking you 🙂

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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