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    Dave Tucker

      I have a problem playing my P.Mauriat. Problem is I’m doing a 2 month stint for work in the Oakland California area. My horn is back in Toronto. I was advised not to bring it to the Hotel.
      Anyhow, I have been getting your emails regarding the backing track’s and would like to say thanks for that. I will be here for the month of May then hopefully can get back to my lessons and practicing.
      You have done a great job regarding the site and the information that you are making available. I kind of drifted away from your site a year ago but now have returned. Keep doing what your doing, it’s greatly appreciated. I’ll be wanting Over the Rainbow once I get back home. Take care………..Dave T.

      I see you still have my P.Mauriat picture posted. Thx


        Yes, we like to keep the pics up for all interested to see.
        Well, at least Oakland weather should be better than in TO!
        Don’t worry, that song will still be here for you to download when you get back, and probably a few other as well!


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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