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    After testing the mike in different positions related to the sax, and testing the different
    settings on the mike, finally, improved the mike recording, i the multitrack recorder.



    I like it SX poet



    Thanks, it’s really discouraging, when you play something in a room, and the sax sounds reasonably good (to me anyway),
    and then when you record it, the sax sounds awful (to me) when i play it back. I find the saxophone a really difficult beast to
    record with different microphone types, various microphone settings, placing the microphone in the right place with the sax,
    and just recording in different parts of the same room changes the recorded sound. Electric guitar is so simple, plug it in the
    interface and away you go.


    ya sounds good to me. which mic are you using?
    I think your timing is better now (except at the very start, those first 2 8th notes are pick-up notes played on the last beat before the 1st bar) you played them on the 1st beat which moved everything over by a beat so was off for a while.



    lol – yeah i have a lot problems starting at the exact spot.
    I came in too late, if you listen to the point where i came in
    there’s three sounds in succession before starting to play that go
    dadum dadum dadum in the track, i should have started exactly on the
    end of the 3rd dadum. It is what it is, and i’m pleased with it.
    I’m never going to be Mr Perfect…

    the mike is a akg c1000s, cheap and cheerful.


    hey that’s the same mic i use!
    well, ya they’re not expensive but remember that mic test I did a while ago? I really wanted to jpgrade so went out and rented a bunch of mics, mostly more expensive ones and realized they were no beter so I’m still using the AGG 10000
    for anyone who missed it it’s in the blog section:

    Saxophone Microphones Comparison

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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