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    Mike Potter

    I wanted to get two tunes recorded this week, I gave Wonderful Tonight a quick run through and recorded the song in one take. I want to improve my ear/melody/timing skills. There are a couple rough spots but things are improving.

    Wonderful Tonight


    Wonderful Mike! ya, timing, phrasing, articulation…we all approach it differently, that’s the beauty of it (self expression).
    You’re obviously not relying on the actual transcription and that’s the goal. Once we actually learn the basic melody then it’s play-fun time.

    That’s why I always prefer a basic easy skeleton chart; easier to “fill in the blanks” so-to-speak. It will come out a bit different every time this way, depending on how we feel our mood etc. Well done.

    Mike Potter

    Thanks Johnny!


    That was nicely done!


    Very beautiful Mike. Man your low notes are so sexy!! Nice interpretation as well. Great job!!

    Gary Deripaska

    Exceptionally nice Mike. Love the improvisations you added. I worked on that song today trying different things with it.

    Fantastic work , thanks for sharing

    Gary D

    Mike Potter

    Thank you Mel, Jake and Gary!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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