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    Carl Robinson

    Just noodling around on Guitar today playing some classics, and I remembered this intro to a really famous song. Originally played on an organ, but works great on guitar. It has a nice cyclical pattern and reminds me of a music box type melody. Will it work on Sax? don’t know will have a try tomorrow, anyway here are the notes.

    ps I really must get some notation software sorted, anyone know of any free stuff, coz I’m a tight fisted Yorkshireman lol.



    Hi Carl. I bought a copy of Finale’s PrintMusic, but I wasted my money after I discovered some bugs with it.
    The software I have used for transposing tunes (250+) over many hundreds of hours, is free and available from.


    Crescendo works well if you want to quickly put down a tune on the PC and print it out.
    You can play the tune through with one of many different instrument voices, so you may even use it to compose.
    One can also create multiple parts with different voices, so its quite fun to play around with.

    Thanks for the tune, I’ll check it out now with Crescendo.

    We used to dream of free notation software! – LOL



    Hi Jeff, what was the problem you had with Finale print software?

    The only reason i ask, is since then i switched to using an apple mac and had to buy a later version of finale print software to work on the mac.

    I’ve had no problems with finale, bearing in mind its not the full blown finale music software.

    If you can remember the problem, i’d like to see if i can replicate it on my version.


    Carl Robinson

    Thanks Jeff I will give it a look.



    Hi sxpoet

    I had entered a piece of music which had multiple keys. It didn’t transpose some of the notes correctly, which were connected together by ties.

    There is a similar problem with Crescendo regarding grace notes. One has to first change them to ordinary notes before transposing, otherwise they remain just where they are in the bar – but this software version is free so I’m quite happy to tolerate minor issues.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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