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    Geof Schwer


    I had to write to share the following incident with you. I’ve been using your 30-minute practice routine for about three weeks now. Today, completely out of the blue, my instructor says, “Geof, your tone has gotten so much better the past few weeks…what are you doing?” So, I told him about your website and all the great stuff on it. True story!

    FYI, I’m using an on-line app called “ClearTune” (downloadable from the Internet for less than $4.00) to practice with. Maybe some of your other students would be interested in knowing about it.

    Thanks for your help!


    Geof Schwer
    Waco, Texas


    well done –
    develop good fingers – practice scales etc..
    develop good sound – practice long tones
    develop good rhythmn – practice various sight reading exercises
    develop good ears – listen to lots of sounds
    develop good pitch recall – practice playing songs by ear only
    these are all good exercises!

    i’ve said it before if you are looking for a good tone – don’t waste money on buying different mouthpieces, ligatures etc… just practice long tones, stick to the setup that works for you, gradually go up reed sizes.


    Hi James

    I agree with what you have said – practice makes perfect.

    I’ve been playing my Alto with the Selmer MP for maybe 5 hours total. Yesterday I decided to go back to my 4C until I have properly mastered the basics.
    My wife walked in and asked me what’s wrong with the sax, she didn’t know as she was outside washing her car. We can’t believe the difference, it sounds like someone has stuffed a sock in the horn somewhere!!! It’s tuff to play on the 4C when I know how clear it can sound with the Selmer MP. I used to think the 4C sounded quite good, but at least the tone is much softer for practicing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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