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  • Thanks for the feedback SP and I did think about it after I posted my question and realized asking about recording parameters can be like asking someone “how do you drive…?” There are so many variables and options that it can be almost impossible to answer. I do think your advice about the mic placement is key to finding the sound I want.…[Read more]

  • I’ve read a number of the reviews and comments in this section of the forum and see that Garageband isn’t the most popular interface but was wondering if anyone might be able to share some input settings they use for tenor? I have a Share 58 mic going into a PreSonus AudioBox. I get a clean powerful signal during recording but I’m struggling wit…[Read more]

  • When working on overtones, what are some suggestions for knowing if you are properly hitting the octave and subsequent 3rds and 5ths etc? Are you using a tuner and trying to hit the notes? I’m able to hit other notes while maintaining the fingering but I have no idea if they are correct. The tips from the ear training help get close.