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The Fiber Carbon Onyx reed is the latest creation by Harry Hartmann from Fiberreed. This useful fiber carbon material comes to us in fiber rods and fiber plates which have carbon fibers in the material itself. It has proven to be easier and less expensive to make than the first three Fiberreed models and so is priced lower than the others.

It produces an amazing tone quality and is easy to play.

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Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone

6 reviews for Carbon Onyx Reed

  1. rulia rouge (verified owner)

    This onyx reed is great. it’s now replaced my regular cane reeds.
    thank you!!

  2. Bob Premecz (verified owner)

    Received the Carbon Onyx reeds yesterday and all I can say is WOW! Harry Hartmann hit a home run! I’ve been using Legere Signature Series, but these Carbon Onyx reeds may be my go to reed.

    I love the color! I love the sound! I love the precision craftsmanship! They pass the suction or vacuum test so well I didn’t think they would ever break the seal and pop.

    The mediums are just ever so slightly more resistance than I’m used to playing, but I can achieve all dynamics and all notes of my 3.5 octave range without issue. I think the softer ones would be too soft.

    Used the alto reed for my recital I did today with the Allentown Music Club. Played “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You” (Kaori Kobayashi arrangement) to rave reviews. The reed easily held the altissimo Ab clearly and I even added a bit of an upward gliss to Bb and the reed held up flawlessly.

    I didn’t have time to test out the tenor reed, but sure would love if they would make a soprano sax reed. I also did Sax-O-Loco and it would have been a perfect pairing if Harry Hartmann decided to manufacture a Carbon Onyx for soprano sax.

    Johnny, thanks again for recommending it!

    Bobby P.

  3. Derek (verified owner)

    Great sound on first attempt out of the box. Sound in Altimisso range is easier and clearer and more consistent than my previous cane reeds. When you have a reed that you can count on when you are in the Altimisso range it lets you play with confidence and your mind can concentrate on phrasing rather on reaching to get the notes. I have one for the tenor but am not having the same success with the Altimisso range so I might order another tenor reed and hopefully get the same success as i do with the Alto.

  4. giusseppe lu

    Thanks Johnny
    The reeds arrived yesterday……I put the soft onyx into the alto and played for almost 3 hrs…..despite my lack of teeth I found I could relax my mouth so easily with the reed it was a heaven…..I found a warmth in the low notes after an hour of playing that I had never found before.

    All those years in the past when I thought my lips were tired and really it was the reed ….I remember washing and sanding..trying to get a pure sound low down and getting so frustrated…I was a flute player and could move around fast but with the sax the sound always had a delay slightly behind my fingers….last night everything danced together…so glad I stumbled upon your site….and the only reason that happened was because I was looking for the sheet music for night train

    I also changed to the soft ligature the other day and was amazed what a difference that made to my regular reeds….now with the onyx it is even better…can’t wait to try the soprano…..and if that works for me I guess I will be digging out my tenor



    Where to bend next……

  5. Ron DeNorscio

    Johnny I want thank you for recommending Harry Hartmann’s Fiberreed. I love it! I have been playing Fibracell reeds on my tenor for several years and thought they were good. I just received
    the Carbon Onyx, and this reed just blows me away. It has great low tone, and beautiful altissamo tone. The response is also excellent. I also tried the Legere’ signature series which was good, but this reed is just fantastic. I also want to compliment you on the speedy delivery time. I ordered it on the 17th and got it on the 20th. Tell Harry he has got a customer for life. Thanks again.

  6. Rungsuriya Roschuen (verified owner)

    It’s easy to blow in low notes and especially in high notes as well. I’m just a beginner for playing Alto Saxophone but after getting this reed and tried it this evening, I was so surprised because it was the first time that I could hit the top high note F#.

    Thank a lot ,Johnny.

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