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The new Copper Reed. Copper Carbon reed from Fiberreed is extremely easy blowing with an amazing sound quality.

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soprano, alto, tenor

6 reviews for Copper Reed

  1. Mike Potter (verified owner)

    My first time playing on a new Copper Reed was at the NAMM show in January 2020, a friend who works for Beechler recommended I go try them at the Fiberreed booth. I really like how it played (2.5 on my .115 Westcoast Sax mouthpiece). I bought a 2.5 and a 3, the 2.5 sounded best on my setup, unfortunately I dropped the reed and then rolled over it in my office chair and broke it… I wanted to buy another one but they weren’t available, until now! I bought two, they arrived very quickly (I’m thinking Johnny may live next door, the got here in So Cal the next day!). I put one on my mouthpiece and honestly it played even better than the one I picked up at NAMM. These reeds are the most “cane like” reed I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried quite a few, they respond fantastic and provide me the same tone quality as cane reeds. I’ve been a die hard Select Jazz reed player (3S unfiled) for years and find the Copper Carbon reeds to be equally as responsive, have excellent tone and are consistent from reed to reed (the two I purchased here are identical in playability and tone). This reed is the synthetic reed I’ve been waiting/wanting, it solves a myriad of issues I have with cane reeds. Thank you Fiberreed!

  2. Ron Jacobs

    Thank you Johnny! – Many thanks to you I got introduced to Fiberreed earlier last year and LOVE these reeds! Last Fall, I started playing the Onyx which has such a beautiful sound. I just got the Copper reed a week ago and agree with your review. It is hard to explain for me but the Copper reed plays just a little different yet amazing, and is now my go to reed. I won’t play a cane reed ever again – Fiberreeds are ready to play, reliable and produce a beautiful sound!

  3. Ron DeNorscio

    Johnny I want thank you for recommending Harry Hartmann’s Fiberreed. I love it! I have been playing Fibracell reeds on my tenor for several years and thought they were good. I just received
    the Carbon Onyx, and this reed just blows me away. It has great low tone, and beautiful altissamo tone. The response is also excellent. I also tried the Legere’ signature series which was good, but this reed is just fantastic. I also want to compliment you on the speedy delivery time. I ordered it on the 17th and got it on the 20th. Tell Harry he has got a customer for life. Thanks again.

  4. jake (verified owner)

    Just got my Copper reed yesterday and from 1st play was amazed at the ease. I regularly play Fibracell 3 on my tenor sax and decided to give these a try after Johnny’s review. As compared these reeds felt a touch firmer than the Fibracell I’m used to but my airflow throughout felt freer to me. The notes came out so easy and my altissimo blew with ease, more open and fuller sounding. Not sure how to describe it but the firmness of the reed seems to allow better airflow without constricting. It seems as though I tense up sometimes with coming high notes and the Fibracells would at times close up on me, this wasn’t the case with these new reeds. I have tried the Onyx and Hemp reeds but wasn’t a fan and went rite back to the Fibracells. That is def not the case here. I actually went rite back online and ordered 3 more. Was amazed that I actually found a new reed to switch too. Hopefully gets better with more play time on them as I get more accustomed to these reeds. Thanks again for bringing these reeds to lite Johnny!!

  5. RockinRobin

    Today I played a #2 copper reed on my tenor sax, fatboy mouthpiece,winslow ligature and the copper reed played well. I could tell the copper reed is a rock and roll reed. The #2.5 copper is a bit more stiff and takes a lot more wind. My go to reed is the medium onyx reed. i like the #2 copper reed while playing “Your Mama Don’t Dance”

  6. Bob Hansen (verified owner)

    After a lot of wood shedding over the past couple of months due to the Zombie Apocalypse that is currently pushing many of us in to the practice room I received my new copper carbon Fiberreed. I’m playing a carbon Fatboy mouthpiece on a Mark VI Tenor. I’ve been playing on #2 Vandoren ZZ. I found the medium soft Fiberreed to be very comparable to the #2 ZZs I’ve been using. No real difficulties with the Fiberreed right out of the box. It seems to be somehow smoother, giving a more even response through the full range of the horn. I did find that there was a very slight difference in response as I got in to the high E, F and F# – by the end of my 1st practice session it again felt very natural to play those notes. So – the read plays and sounds great, the medium soft is very close to a Vandoran ZZ #2 in strength (I’ll be in to a medium soon if the Zombies keep me locked up for another month). Highly recommended.

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