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So You’ve Got a Saxophone – Now What?


recommended for anyone wanting to learn any type of saxophone

Step-by-step quick start guide

from putting your saxophone together to your first notes and scale

which reeds you need

recommended mouthpieces and which ones to avoid

learn the proper breathing technique right from the start

learn what your embouchure is, why you need it and how to develop it

So You’ve Got a Saxophone – Now What?
is a comprehensive step-by-step guide that gets straight to the point to teach the complete beginner the most important lessons, from how to hold it and put it together to getting your first sounds and notes.


There are a ton of saxophone method books available in many stores and online… I know, I have quite a few of them myself.

What I have found with many of these books is that the authors had to put just about everything they know about the subject into it and what the end user gets is a bit of an overloaded book, sometimes lacking in focus or just not having enough information on the specific topic of interest.

Online there are hundreds of how-to saxophone lessons as well, I know, some of them are mine!

The problem that many people face with getting different things from different sources is the lack of focus and proper continuity.

This is the reason I put together this short, focused, step-by-step quick start guide – to eliminate any possible confusion.

What others are saying:

“…Outstanding! Very informative to say the least. Where was this guide when I first got started?”

“…the information given to you here is what a private teacher will give you in at least 3 one hour lessons which is roughly 30-50 dollars an hour depending on the teacher. Now this is only 5 dollars… if you’re considering playing the saxophone I recommend purchasing this.

“…Johnny knows exactly what beginners should know and how to teach it.”

“… Not only does Johnny tell you everything you need to get started, he gives links to his videos with even more helpful information.”

I’m not claiming any “new” discoveries on saxophone techniques, just the same tried and true things I was taught and discovered when I set out to learn over 3 decades ago! There are some obvious advantages here for you, and even though the actual sax techniques are not new, the content and the way it’s presented and delivered is, and something I and many others would have appreciated and enjoyed way back when.

The explanatory and illustrated lessons also link up with online video demonstrations to really drive it all home for you. There’s a corresponding video lesson for every topic from getting the sax together to making sure you start developing the proper breathing technique. Still have questions? No problem, jump on the forum and ask away!

Between the contents of this guide and the accompanying video lessons a beginner has everything necessary to get through all of the notes and playing a C major scale, all the while improving and developing the all-important embouchure and proper breathing techniques.

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a measly $3.99

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