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“Yakety Sax”
Saxophone Music and Backing Track

(Boots Randolph’s signature hit from the early 1960’s)

Watch and listen to Johnny’s version on video:

bootsYakety Sax Saxophone Music

One of the most famous sax tunes of all time which every player should know! This famous instrumental was a direct inspiration of the big Coaster’s hit song from 1958 “Yakety Yak” which had King Curtis on that recording doing a great imitation of someone talking back on his saxophone.

Yakety Sax has also become synonymous with the old British television show Benny Hill as it was the show’s theme song.

Not music for the total beginner but if you have a good grasp on scales and arpeggios you can learn this tune. First one note at a time, then one bar at a time, then one phrase at a time.

This version is in the same key as recorded by Boots Randolph, which is G major concert pitch. The means the B flat chart is in A major and the E flat chart is in the key of E major.

Download Includes Yakety Sax Saxophone Music and MP3 Backing Track:

  • same tracks as in the music video above (without sax)
  • high quality MP3 file (192 kbps)
  • music charts for all Bb and Eb saxes
  • charts print as full size music sheets

Song Key

This sheet music is in the concert key of G major. This means A major for Bb saxophones and E major for the Eb saxophones.

Download This Song

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thanks, now download the song and have fun!
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Johnny Ferreira