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Carbon Fiberreed Review

By August 30, 2018sax reeds, saxophone articles

The Carbon reed made by Fiberreed inventor Harry Hartmann was his second creation after the original “Natural” synthetic reed. For more info on the Fiberreed family and history check out my post on the reeds page.

More recently, Harry created the “Carbon Onyx” synthetic reed. This reed is made from 100% carbon fibers and so sets it apart from all other synthetics which are a blend of fibers. The reed discussed here is simply called the “Carbon” which is constructed with a combination of carbon and hollow fibers.

I’ve been playing on this Fiberreed Carbon model and really have been enjoying it. A little while back I told you about this Carbon Onyx which chipped on me and when I saw this I automatically freaked out, being mostly a long time cane reed user. Actually, it turned to work the same even with a huge chip on the tip.

They do wear out after a while. My first Onyx lasted for about 10 months. I’ve been playing my recent one for about 9 months and is still good (even with the chip). It’s on it’s way out now so I started phasing the Carbon reed in.

Really loving the carbon which feels similar to the Onyx. Don’t know if it’s any better, ma it won’t crack or chip…I don’t know at this point but will keep you up to date on how it works. I also plan on playing it on an upcoming song video and will let you know about that as well.

Meanwhile, I’m going to put it on my horn and play it for you to hear what it sounds like…

After playing it, the main impression was that it feels and sounds a little brighter than my Onyx, which is the reed I’ve been playing for the last year and a half. So, I’ll have to compare it a bit more. You can listen back to back on the full Fiberreed comparison I did which you can link to from the “reeds page” link at the beginning of this post.

So it is brighter and the other thing I enjoy about this carbon reed is the “buzz” it has. I found the Hemp Fiberreed had a bit of a buzz, more so than the Onyx. But the hemp was thinner-sounding all around. This carbon reed seems to sit somewhere in between the Hemp and the Onyx. It has the brightness and the buzz which I like for that rock and roll sound.

You can order the Carbon Fiberreed from this site right here right now:



  • sxpoet says:

    Sounds ok to me! You can do some heavy metal with that reed.

  • And so I had to try this carbon fiber reed. Since my onyx reeds are size Medium I tried a medium carbon fiber reed. The medium carbon fiber reed blows loud and clear but it’s a bit tougher. Harder to blow than the medium onyx reed. I tried the reed in my fat boy carbon mouth piece size 8* and I tried the reed in my 7* theo wanna slant sig 2. Tough in bot mouthpieces but plowable. The medium soft reed might be easier to blow so in a week I’ll be back with a report. Mean while back at the ranch I discovered something about my Winslow ligature. I put the reed on my fatboy carbon mouthpiece, adjust the tip like Johnny instructed and tighten the screw on the ligature until the I see the rubber pads are squashed enough for the metal posts to be raised. Then I put the mouthpiece on the sax. The I loosen the screw on the ligature until the metal posts are down about even with the top of the ligature. The ligature is now tight enough to hold the reed but not too tight, just tight enough for free vibration.
    I can blow the medium carbon reed but the medium soft reed won’t tire my embouchure too fast so I think I’m gonna like this carbon fiber reed.

  • Johnny Johnny says:

    same here….the carbon blows nice but it’s a little harder than the onyx. I have started to work on my carbon a bit….just shave it here and there, see how it goes. It was taxing my embouchure after playing it for a while (mostly after some time off from my sax) so I want to see if I can make it play as easy as the onyx.

  • Medium soft Carbon fiber reed. The medium soft carbon fiber reed was easier to blow compared to the medium but I had to keep up the wind. I prefer the medium onyx reed. The medium onyx reed is my first choice and the medium hemp reed is my second. That all being said I stuck the medium soft Carbon reed on my slant sig 2 mouthpiece 7* tip opening and it easily blew. Conclusion. Using my theo wanne slant sig 2 tip 7* the medium carbon fiber reed and the medium soft carbon reed and the medium onyx reed all blew well. Just bring a lot of wind. Same goes with MB II metal and carbon mouthpieces.

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