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    Michael Bishop

    I ordered 3 boxes of Vandoren Java Green reeds for Tenor this week (got a few boxes while I could). I had opened one of the boxes a couple days ago and got around to opening the other 2 boxes today only to discover a small problem…in one of the boxes were only empty cases and no reeds! The cases weren’t even sealed or anything like Vandoren usually does with their individual reeds. I called WWBW.com to let them know and they graciously offered to send me a new box, but told them you may want to call your distributors or something, some folks need to pay more attention to what they’re doing LOL Anyone ever seen anything like this with reeds before? Crazy! I tried uploading a picture I had taken like 2 minutes after I opened the box, but the website that I use for public images at postimage.org is running really slow right now, will try later to upload the picture.


    jak Swift

    That’s the way it is. I bought a box of LA Voz a few years back. Every last one was a dud. Looked awful ; shoulders at different heights ( off of centre ). I mailed Rico. They offered to send a new box. I said the mailing to the UK wasn’t worth it and would they give the money to a local kids charity ? SURE !! Never heard a thing. Strictly Vans now. jak


    wow Michael. I’ve used those java’s since 1990 and that’s never happened
    maybe they’re starting to slip now

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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