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    Ya, well, now, howz about some honky tonk, that is to pass the time, me esteemed brothers ‘n sisters of the cave and technocratic saxophonic environs?
    🙂 hahahbahabaha 🙂 er um agh apologies / but explanations become excuses ………..
    {slow-walk. Verb. (third-person singular simple present slow-walks, present participle slow-walking, simple past and past participle slow-walked) (idiomatic) To delay a request or command, to drag one’s feet, to stall, to obstruct, to drag out a process.}




    Looks like the “Music” logo Left Top Header may be addressed on the technical side yet all i can see is half of the letter “c” on a static page. It is more than i could see prior. However as i move between pages it is clearly visible for only a moment then covered up by the How To Play Saxophone logo (that being handy to tap on to go back to main menu).

    Says Einstein, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. I can’t really relay any more info about this perceived problem. It may be the case we just don’t see the same thing or even eye to eye, and, maybe you just want people to sign up to Premium Membership being to access your songs.

    In the final analysis it is put to you that you might replace ‘Music’ with, say, ‘Test’, or whatever, the result would be to move everything along the problematical top line and subsequently onto the second line for purposes of clarity and visibity, that is such that it is transparent and accountable.

    Ya. I’m off to La La Land now. And the Cave.

    Happy trails. Later. M

    Connie Gee

    I can’t find the backing tracks I paid for a long time ago. All I see is you playing the songs. Even though they’re great, I would like to play also. Why aren’t they under a simple heading?

    james brown

    Einstein got the definition wrong, it’s ‘stupidity’ not ‘insanity’ in reference to other scientists who wouldn’t accept the outcome of an experiment would always being the same. Insanity, is mental state of being detached from reality ex not believing that dark matter moves faster than light.


    They are…go to top menu under Checkout then hit Purchase history.
    they will be there, unless it’s from a real long time ago then click the link at the bottom of that page where it says for older downloads click here.

Viewing 5 posts - 11 through 15 (of 15 total)
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