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    jak Swift

    Just saying a coupla days ago, my bari has taken a back seat to the lush tones of my 10M. To be fair, I have been getting my chops around my this Otto link tenor 8. That’s going great !!
    So yeah, im lucky enough to have the prototype Aaron Drake ceramic bari mpc. At first I thought the chamber only would be ceramic. ( terrified of dropping it !! )… Nope…the whole mpc is actually ceramic. You would have to hold one to get the measure of its ” density “.
    Its an amazing mpc. Exceptionally bright, but can be reigned in to a subtone. Its a great chops exercise, chops builder. Anybody have any experience with these ceramics. I know Carl Catron played a Jody Espina ceramic on tenorsax. Hearing his sound intrigued me. I liked it a lot !!

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