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    heres a recording of practicing 12 major scales II-V-I, just playing the root note of
    each chord (dorian, mixolydian, ionian), it has taken me several months just to be
    able to play through the whole sheet, sometimes its been a line a week (4 bars a week),
    due to lack of practicing all 12 majors scales (it’s forced me to go back and practice
    all 12 major scale a day from memory). The objective is to play the root notes in time
    with the chord changes, so you can hear me sometimes behind, sometimes ahead of the chord,
    while trying to stay in with the drummer (articulation exercise).

    This is fun to do, gets you in the groove.
    Excuse the poor recording, as its recorded on my iPhone and not the multitrack recorder.
    But its a work in progress practice, so it doesn’t justify going through a lot of
    setting up a proper multitrack recording



    interestingly enough, just playing the dorian root notes works well with the mixolydian chord. So i could just
    have played the dorian root note in the 1st 2 bars followed by the ionian root note in the last 2 bars of each
    4 bar sequence.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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