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    Hi Johnny,
    Based on your successful “Daily Practice Routine 1”, which i still do every
    day as a 1/2 hr sax warmup before doing my other sax routines.

    This great routine helps in getting down the 12 scales & arpeggios as
    well as building tone etc..

    Have you got a “Daily Practice Routine 2” in the pipeline?
    I was thinking of one just for practising the 8 intervals for all
    the 12 scales? This would be great for people like myself
    who want to move onto improvisation?

    just a thought


    yes for sure! I had planned a 2nd one while doing the first one but just haven’t had the time yet.
    Moving up to the next level is very important for anyone working on this stuff.
    Currently I’m putting together an improvisation course which is getting close. then I’m away again but when I get back that’s going to be one of my next projects.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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