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    Wish i’d see this demo years ago,

    at 12:16 is a brief recap of the topic



    Yes yes @sxpoet i like how he gets you to get exactly what you need sound wise to get over the lame duck call in a fashion relaxed as possible before hooking up the horn to get a nice sound which is very liquid and free and easily tunable, nice without to much lip pressure. Yes very interesting, nothing is to fixed. It is a great help. Only thang i’m not accord with is folding the bottom lip back over the teeth, i started out playing this way over a year ago but quickly changed to pushing the lip out and resting the reed on the fleshy part of the lip. I did this coz Johnny shows ya how on his lessons and though it was a bit hard to change i think i gotta fatter sound. Mate really appreciative of this vid and chuffed you posted with a tenor crook. It is excellent food for thought. But hey mate can you please tell me why you’s wish you had seen this demo years ago? And have you found it hard to relax the stiff upper lip lol? Cheers

    Oi ya seen this bloke? cookin’



    its the best demonstration of playing a mouthpiece, showing you can
    play a note without your top teeth touching the mouthpiece,
    and using the sax body to press harder on the reed to get a sound.

    I agree about the bottom lip being rolled over the teeth, you only
    need a small amount of lip over the teeth, it all depends on how thick
    your lips are, mine are very thin, so i need them slightly over the
    bottom teeth to form a steady cushion for the reed, otherwise i would
    be biting the reed with my bottom teeth.

    The demo also shows the result of too much and too less mouthpiece totally
    ruining the sound.



    big dave, i used to watch him a lot years ago…



    She’s a real beaut mate, bonza stuff, spiffing and jolly good, i shall say cheers on your account over a sherry at the Club later 🙂
    B.D. would be most impressed!



    brother cavefish
    brother cavefish

    daves cool, another food for thought, you watching all these techniques, you might cause a problem with your teacher, because every time he tries to teach you ,,you are going to tell him, “well i saw this , or what about this or that”, he is going to get pissed off, and so are you because you flooding yourself with information , differrant information , all good maybe but not for you at this point,,you need to play it simple if you want to learn from a teacher



    i can see what you are saying, some people when they pay for
    a service they question everything to make sure they are
    getting value for their money and not having the wool pulled
    over there eyes or taken for a ride like a fool.

    I can assure you, i don’t behave like that in lessons, everything i read in books, and everything i watch online, and everything i learn in sax lessons
    i try out at home and find out for myself if what is being said
    actually works for me.

    In a lot of cases what works for you may not work for me.

    I have lots of agendas, for instance even though i practice
    every week what i learn in lessons, i also practice other stuff
    on the sax not related to my sax teacher lessons.

    Example while doing my own sax teacher lessons, i bought JF’s altissimo
    course and taught myself to play in the altissimo range without his
    knowledge – this has saved me from paying to learn altissimo in sax
    teacher lessons. kerching.

    You have to experiment a lot on the sax, instead of being spoon fed
    all the time by one person.

    In terms of u-tube demos, it pays to watch a lot of the same stuff
    done by different people, as in some cases for one specific topic,
    that one topic might only be the one topic that they have explained
    very well out of all the topics they have explained.



    anyone care for a tin sandwich, refreshments,





    1:25:33 is way beyond my attention span!

    He’s doing what i’ve just started out doing on the II V I
    jazz progression in 12 major scales , i shall be working on this one sheet for the next year or so in terms of various stages of improvising,
    learning off my Pro. It’s taken me a month just to play ‘1 2 1 2’ in every
    bar for each of the 12 major scales. Next stage the ‘1 2 3 1’ etc..
    also doing ‘1dorian 1dorian 1Ionian 1Ionian in the 4 bars, as the 1dorian
    works with the 5mixolydian chord’

    Hard work, like the guy in the video is doing, if i can stick out for
    a year, picking up experience from the Pro, i should be better fluent
    in the 1 to 7 per all 12 major scales.

    The canvas is mine, the notes are my colours,
    who knows where ever it goes, it’l keep me on my toes…

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