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    Is there a different method to fluttering tongue or growl? I am one of those guys that can not roll my Rs. I have been able to get a reasonable dirty sound but have been frustrated over the years not being able to get a good growl on most of my notes. G and G# have been the only notes I have been able to get a decent growl.


    now you see it

    go flutter


    yikes, never saw that before!
    as far as I know the only way to fluter is by rolling your tongue like rolling your R’s. many people just can’t do it and I guess it depends on your heritage or which languages you speak? I’m just guessing. I have tried to teach people how to say some words in Portuguese and they can’t get em right because of the same problem.

    as for growling, there are some easier sections or notes on the sax that are easier but I think if you can get one note then you at least have the technical ability. from there it’s just a matter of working it….note for note.


    @saxomonica – completely off topic with the current thread

    read this book if chase charts interest you


    brother cavefishbrother cavefish

    this is just plain disturbing, WTF


    Not disturbing – more like enlightening, it shows what teachers try to describe when they fail to get the message over, to people who have difficulty understanding something they’ve read about, or understanding something when they are listening to someone talking about how to do something.

    some folks understand better by vision (reading), or by audio (listening), or by seeing it working (motion) – or a combination of all 3.

    This is why teaching a young person to play an instrument is great, as it develops the different parts of the brain early on in all three areas of learning – also by engaging in these activities they realise they get better at something by practicing instead of giving up at the 1st hurdle and thinking they’re no good at something.

    Mike Potter

    Dang, that video was frightening – I was waiting for an alien to bust out of his uvula! how’d that dude shove a camera and a mouthpiece in his oral cavity at the same time…

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 12 total)
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