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    Michael Bishop

    😎 Hey guys,
    Recently, I started having a small problem with my cane reeds being affected by the extreme weather patterns that we’ve been having here in the South. I did some online research and found this moisture-controlled reed box on Amazon to help protect your cane reeds from being affected by the weather. Has anyone here ever tried this before? Wondering if it can help me protect my cane reeds. It was suggested to me at a local shop to use synthetic reeds instead–I personally don’t like synthetic reeds. It’s hard to get the type of sound from a synthetic reed that you can get from a Cane reed.



    I don’t like synthetic reeds either. That storage case looks like it could do the trick though.

    paul kelly

    Hi there Baboon I have been using a case for my reeds for about five years, I would not go back they keep the reeds in the best possible condition and you get better life from them as well. Synthetic reeds yuck will never use them…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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