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      Start a note and articulate a “ku” instead of “tu”, Then bend the note downwards slightly.
      Repeat the same same process going chromatically down the sax, playing a series of notes
      that simulate a laugh.

      Michael Bishop

        That’s a cool tip Sxpoet; have always wanted to add it to my Improvising but couldn’t quite figure out how to do it. They way you describe it makes a lot of sense. Could you do a video/audio demo of it? It would help for sure, thanks 🙂 The last I remember you were getting a cool flutter tongue too; I’ve tried it and it was driving me crazy. Seems like Flutter tongue is one of those things that lots of players find to be really hard to do. How do you like to flutter with your tongue so that it doesn’t get caught up on the tip of the reed/mp? Thanks for the helpful tips 🙂


          I got this book awhile ago. I should pull it back out, been over a year. Anyways there are various sounds we can get on the sax to spice up our playing. The laugh is included in this book. There is also a cd that demonstrates the sounds as well.


            @Michael – your question in regards to not being able to flutter.

            My guess is you’ve already read how to do it? and you’ve spent considerable time watching youtube videos of people showing how to do it?

            I think the best thing in your case is to get your sax teacher to show you how its done.

            I maybe be conpketely wrong but in my oppinion i think you may have hearing problems, just based on your comments that you can’t hear the sound difference between different mouthpieces used by the ssme players?

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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