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    Sheila Simpson

    Hello Everyone!
    I am Sheila and live in Nebraska, USA. I have picked up the Alto Saxophone again after almost 40 years. I am excited about this website, forum, Johnny and to see others playing the sax. I spent my afternoon yesterday working on the Elvis Presley I Can’t Help Falling in Love. I practiced 3 hours so there are about three times during this recording that a note wasn’t solid. But I am pretty happy with how practice went. Also it isn’t a great recording I was just working on getting the sax part down. I will get better at both the sax and recording I promise. LOL Thanks for allowing me to be part of this group and I look forward to getting to know everyone. https://youtu.be/dRHVS4rga18 (In fact the Neck Strap that I am using in the video is the Neck Strap I used 42 years ago. Nothing like dating yourself. LOL) Happy Practicing!


    Sheila thanks for sharing with us…
    as I have said to all who listen; recording ourselves is a valuable thing to do. believe me, months down the road you will be glad you did. you have a lot of good things going on; timing, decent air support, reading. Keep it up and all will improve quickly!


    Well done Sheila, yes like Johnny says your timing was good and you can blow the horn not bad after 40 years “rest”.


    Go Sheila!


    G’day matey! Bonza, Sheila! Trust that you’re still jammin’ like a lizard flat out drinking. You beaut, bandicoot. Throw another shrimp on the barby. Letz rock this joint. Do the Rock Lobster? Crikey. Betta crack a coldie or two ‘eh. Cheers. Bottom’s up! Do you know the air, “The Drover’s Dream”? The Pelican and the Crow sang us songs of long ago and the frill necked lizard listened with a smile. Heya i love your neckstrap. Psychadelic. Or somethink. I think they made a camera strap variety too lol Great song too, played beautifully, thanking you. Welcome! 🙂


    put on your wig woman, we’re goin’ out to shake and finger pop…beautiful, love the scream!


    Beats yodelling haha .. Here’s the rest of, The Drover’s Dream, @Sheila and @Johnny i learnt to do this one on my GC Hohner Erica button accordion before starting on sax a few years back and learning on site here. Anywayz my Uncle George taught this one to me, and, he made sure i learnt to sing the air whilst playing it. But my voice has improved heaps since then, all that diaghramic breathing lol. Uncle George had a bit of a problem problem singing, sad to relate, coz when he first started on the squeezebox he used to suck and blow frpm his mouth much like he was playing the harmonica notes he knew..

    One night while droving sheep, my companions lay asleep,
    There was not a star to illuminate the sky;
    I was dreaming I suppose for my eyes were nearly closed
    When a very strange procession passed me by.
    First there came a kangaroo, with his swag of blankets blue,
    A dingo ran beside him for a mate;
    They were travelling mighty fast, but they shouted as they passed
    “We’ll have to jog along, it’s getting late.”

    The pelican and the crane, they came in from off the plain,
    To amuse the company with a Highland fling;
    And the dear old bandicoot played the tune upon his flute,
    And the native bears sat round all in a ring.
    Then the possum and the crow sang a song of long ago,
    And the frill-necked lizard listened with a smile;
    And the emu standing near, with his claw behind his ear
    Said the funniest thing I’ve heard for quite a while.

    Some frogs from out the swamp where the atmosphere is damp,
    Came bouncing in and sat upon some stones;
    They each unrolled their swags and produced from little bags
    The violin, the banjo and the bones.
    The goanna and the snake and the adder wide awake
    With the alligator danced the Soldier’s Joy;
    In the spreading silky oak then the jackass cracked a joke,
    And the magpie sang The Wild Colonial Boy.

    Some brolgas darted out from the ti-trees all about,
    And performed a set of Lancers very well;
    Then the parrot green and blue gave the orchestra its cue
    To strike up The Old Log Cabin in the Dell.
    I was dreaming, I suppose, of these entertaining shows,
    But it never crossed my mind I was asleep
    Till the boss beneath the cart woke me up with such a start
    Yelling: “Dreamy, where the hell are all the sheep?”

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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