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    John Knearem

    John Knearem here,trying to relearn everything I forgot over the last 40 yrs. This seems to be a wonderful resource for beginners and advanced players alike. It seems that I have a long ways to go but I am enjoying the journey. I play a Buescher Aristocrat Big B from 1949 with a wolfe Tayne MP.


    Hi John, most things will probably come quick! either way good luck and congrats on gettin back to it.


    Hello John, and great to have ya here! You should have a blast. Welcome 🙂
    Your sax is a tenor i guess? Lacquer or Silver Plate i’m wondering ..
    They have a great reputation and believe Big B only made from 1941 – 1951.
    MP sounds good too, do you know what size face? gen 4 – 9
    i’m about to get a Tilby ‘look a like’ thang from China #9, just for fun.
    Currently i use a Selmer S80 D, hard rubber. Thinkin’ metal will give me some more shred!
    I guess you’re still using cane reeds. You gotta fave? Tried any synthetics yet?
    Cheers, Mark

    John Knearem

    Mark I am using a synthetic reed the onyx carbon fiber in MS so far I am really liking it. Yes my sax is tenor and it is laquer. I took it to St.Louis to a great shop by the name of Saxquest and they are doing a complete rebuild on it. I rented a new chinese or Taiwan sax to play on while waiting for mine to get to be finished and had to go back to a cane reed on it.I could not get what I felt was a good tone with the carbon fiber on this sax. I am sure it is me not the sax or the reed. I am also having trouble reaching (with my fingers not air flow) low Bflat a C# they are spaced much farther than what I am used to on my Buescher.I donot remember what face and gen when I am back at home I will check and let ya know.

    John Knearem

    Thank You Johnny, I am glad that I found your website and I am really enjoying playing with the backing tracks. Just trying to master the easier ones first. Three of my fav. are sound of silence house of the rising sun and last date.


    Heya thanks John i’d certainly be interested to know what #face on the Wolf Tayne MP you found worked for you on the Big B – cheers!
    Geez your horn is gonna be welcomed home big time when you get it back! wow it will sure really blow you away -hot dang!!
    Mate have you tried the Premium Membership on site here – you get 4 songs a month whilst you are on it for $25- a month and then can always go back to free membership later on after padding out ypur rep etc and buy the songs at approx $9- ea. (just saying this coz i can see by your other post you bought 4 songs individually ok) no pressure or no free steak knives lol
    and there’s lotsa great stuff like access to all the tutorials to, Sounds of Silence, etc. Heapsa good stuff there worth a bo peep.
    Just sayin’
    / letz see what ya might be able to cook up there possibly
    Anywayz i can personally vouch for it being tasty and goin’ down well .. spices up the learning curve

    John Knearem

    Thanks for the reply Mark I have been a premium member for several months nos I just had not taken the time to properly introduce myself yet 🙂 I ha used the coupon code on the “purchases” but was unable to download these. I have downloaded many others in the past by purchasing or the 4 free per month. Gotta go fix some furnaces now so I can pay for that sax rebuild . Talk soon

    John Knearem

    Mark my MP is a Wolfe Tayne 6* I really do not know all that I should about mouthpieces but I am learning.I have been playing this particular one since high school.


    Hiya, John, thanks mate
    don’t know much about MP quackery either ..
    guess we merely suck it and see?
    interesting to note some people can effectively use one MP all their life, yet others have a drawer full!

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