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    Mike Potter

    Played two sets at a local venue on the 4th. This vid has 3 tunes.

    July 4th

    William Cingolani

    Sounds great Mike. Fantastic band. You rock!


    Nice one Mike, like your style***.


    omg i loved it from the first ripping notes you played
    that shredding sound is the sound many of us are chasing! for sure
    Mike, is that a Selmer and a gurdea mp, synthetic reed?
    i know you elaborated before, my mind adrift
    feelin’ good listening to your punchy sound
    just wonderin’ what’s with the Ipad in holder? set list? memory jogger?
    can see you doing the palm key jeans wipe – maybe ya need a silk scarf offa the belt ?
    black and gold sure do look good together herfe! howz about a gold silk scarf for Xmas?

    Ya – imagine my delight to hear the vocalist rippin’ it up on the harp part two vid!
    lovely reverb and a sweet fat tone with smooth vocals
    the pavillion is rocking and blowing us away, whooh, outta sight, itz hard to concentrate, shaky
    man that sax is like a drug …

    tight rythmn section having a whole lotta fun whoo hoo
    rockin’ robin mixed you out sorry to hear
    hey everybody letz have some fun,
    let the good times roll
    heapsa great riffs to pick up on your songs and laid back style
    ‘n simply fab to roll with and jam along with
    many thanks!
    not to hard a pill to swallow, i gonna listen to all 7 and make a copy with my Youtube Downloader 4
    that is, unless you got some CDs? where can i buy ’em?

    Mike Potter

    thanks folks, my entire approach to playing now is not to take it seriously and just have fun, I’ve played “off and on” with the guy who runs this band for the last few years so if I do bone up a song I’ve got zero excuses as I’ve played them all in the past. This line up is pretty good, the singer/guitar/harp player is very talented and the rhythm section is tight, hope the guy who runs the band can keep them all together.

    Saxmonica, to answer you’re questions. I have the songs charted, more of a security blanket than anything else, the tunes that have specific sax parts I know and should be able to play without the iPad – over the next month I’ll ween myself off of it (oh god did I just say that). But I have used it for taking video of the crowd which is always fun (I can see them squint when the clams pop out).

    Yes, the palm key wipe! I don’t know about scarf, I’ll force myself to accept the spit on my palm until break! ha ha.

    The mouthpiece I was using is a 10M Boss 9* metal, it has a high roll over baffle with a pretty standard facing curve. I love how it plays but it’s been squeaking lately, the silver plating has all worn off the tables and rails and the reed doesn’t seal as well as it used to (suction test). I use Select Jazz 3M unfiled reeds, I’ve tried synthetics without much success. My other favorite is a Westcoast Sax Mofo 8*, it’s very similar to a guardala (high/step baffle). Usually (the other video’s I’ve posted) I use a mouthpiece that’s similar to a guardala MBII (Westcoast Sax Mofo model).

    Sounds at a gig (where there’s the dreaded “sound man”) is always sketchy, I’d ask for more monitor and nothing would happen, then the mains go silent or the volume on the sax goes up to a stupid level… The sound equipment they were using was amazing probably a couple hundred grand of QSC pro audio equipment, but the kid running the board was more interested in his cell phone than working with the band… oh well, going back to my approach – I had fun, so my needs were met.


    Thanks so much, Mike.
    You’re great.

    The 20 Greatest Saxophonists of All Time

    Gary Deripaska

    Very Very Nice Mike , Love the sound !!!!!!!!

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