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    Ronnie Niles

      I love Junior Walker’s Music, love the Sax covers Johnny Ferreira has done on Junior Walker’s songs 🙂 I Really love this one from Junior Walker, great rhythm–sounds like he’s keeping his playing very simple. Doesn’t sound like he’s using a lot of notes either?


        Hiya Ronnie,

        Love Jnr Walker! Have you seen the dancers doing their wild crazeee backflips and all on another YouTube vid for, “Tune-Up”? Ya!
        Born Autry DeWalt Jr., in Blythesville, Ark., Walker acquired his stage name from his habit of walking to school.

        Apparently Jnr was a big inspiration for Clarence Clemens and Maceo Parker. And you ‘n me! Johnny too! And all of us here! lol

        He received his first saxophone from an Uncle, age 14, and was influenced by Louis Jordan, Earl Bostic, and Illinois Jacquet.

        If you check out the first link below says Jnr could only play in two keys … and/or they changed the pitch by speeding up recording tapes..

        Cafe Saxophone says he used Bergs and Lawton mps with big tip openings. [Metal Berg Larsen 130/0 in the early years. Sometimes 115 tip.
        Metal Lawton 8*B as of 1973.]

        Second link gives a Motown look at, Tune-Up. Also some good links there being to his other songs!

        Third link gives chords (concert) and the vid mentioned earlier. (Chordify)

        Also, finally, a link (from Sax on the Web) to a like air, that is by King Curtis ~


        Junior Walker & The Allstars

        576. Jr. Walker & the All Stars: “Tune Up”

        Ronnie Niles

          Thanks for sharing that info Saxomonica, cool Stuff. I love King Curtis too! King Curtis and Junior Walker are legends on the Sax. When I was growing up, my Mom used to listen to their music almost every day=great memories. So great to see Johnny Ferreira made some of their Saxophone covers here on his website–hope to see more of it. Here’s another one of Junior Walker I really like ‘Anyway You Wannta’.


            love Foot Pattin’ used it as a set opener with my live band for a few years.


              Hi guys! FYI in the second link provided above it says ~ ‘By the time we reach the drum solo halfway through, with a cluster of exuberant stabs from Junior’s alto sax piercing right through the speakers, it’s become almost endearingly crazy, and it ends up being entirely likeable. Splendid stuff’.

              Ronnie, i sure like that tune, itz a new one on me too, tenorific, thanks heaps for sharing ya. At first i thought, by the song title, it may have been a take on Jimmy Reed’s, Baby What You Want Me To Do. Nup! But for sure songs do elicit an emotional link to our past.

              Emotion in music, giving you the chills

              John, we can see why ya used Foot Pattin’. Way cool.
              Aficionados – hit the dance floor, please.

              Let the good times roll. Cheers all!

              Heya. What do you call dancing by the sink?

              Tap dancing.



                Ronnie mate letz see what notes there are not many of? Ya? You up to it?
                From the Chordify chart we can see there is a bit of a lead in
                Then the chart says Gm and and G etc
                for us
                Am A A Am Am F F7 Am Am Dm7

                our basic A blues scale (Tab notation) 2 0 0# 5 2/5
                ie a c c# e f#

                so lots 2 will carry us over first coupla measures
                whats the minor blues scale? do you know it? 🙂

                Like, he loves high notes too so for some embellishment
                maybe we hit the palm f# or fork f#

                Hmm. Is there some kinda trill that might fit?

                What else yo got? We can do this lol



                  Hello, is there anybody out there ♫

                  Fill yer boots

                  “Don’t be such a keener!”
                  lol, ima hoser

                  What you sayin’
                  We need a Two-Four of Canadian to get this show on the road ya?
                  Or a Texas mickey?
                  Cheers, molsun muscle,
                  Whadder yup to?

                  See @ 2:33 –

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