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Home Alt Forums Problems With Your Sax? Leaky pad/Octave Key problem when playing middle D?

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    Michael Bishop

      Hey guys,

      When I was working on chromatic scales today, I noticed my middle D sounded off and something just didn’t sound right on the Sax, almost like sounded like a low D, but the middle D was trying to come out. I had to add the side D key when playing a middle D to get the note to play in tune, and this is just not normal. Does this sound like I might have a leaky pad or a problem with my Octave key?

      brother cavefish

        get a sax light, then you will see the leak,, you should be able to subtone the D,s first and second octave, if that works could be the octave key,, but could be another, or your just throating the second D wrong and jumping down ,subtoning the second D and thinking its the low D,, even though you use the octave key you still need to adjust the throat and some air to accommodate the second octave, my thoughts anyway

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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