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    Steve Gibb

      Hey Johnny
      Clarance Clemons has left us his legacy, but any good contemporary blues/ rock and roll sax, apart from yourself who you think we would benefit particularly from listening to.Ive been listening to Noble Watts …….. and Jimmy Cavello etc, but would like to leap forward a few decades and make more of a study of now. Plenty of good stuff out there I know, but are there people you would reccomend?


        Sure, my favorite and a good friend of mine is probably the best I know of. His name is Gord Beadle and goes by Sax Gordon. We toured together way back in the 90's also with another guy on bari by the name of Goug James.

        Anyway, Gord's site is

        Steve Gibb

          Sax Gordon will be receiving a sizable cheque from ITunes after all my downloading the other night. The road from Nelson to Christchurch and back sure rocked the other night ….. come to think of it they have been having a lot of earthquakes around Christchurch lately.
          Great sounds …. thanks for the recommendation…. just what I am into

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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