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    Ronnie Niles

    Does anyone know what effects are being used on the Maneater Saxophone solo to get that echo/reverb effect? I set the timer on the video on the Solo. I think this song would make a great Saxophone Cover too.


    that’s echo. very typical and common effect which is set with the song tempo in this case.
    you can hear it repeat the lick and is perfectly timed with the beat. This is a wide, meaning it has a lot of space between the originally played lick and the actual echo repeat of it. As compared with a more “slap’ echo which repeats instantly with no space between…like on a rockabilly vocal for example.

    I have used it a bit and in this tune I set it on a very long delay much like the maneater song:

    Us and Them Saxophone Music and Backing Tracks

    Here’s an example of a short delay echo, you can hear it on Elvis’s voice a bit and especially on the guitar:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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