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    just bought a great Ap called ForScore to store all
    my music pdf’s on my mini ipad

    forScore by forScore, LLC

    copied 149 music pdfs from one folder on my laptop, to a folder in ForScore on my mini iPad. only works with pdf’s, which you can get by scanning music sheets and saving the scan as a pdf.

    wish i’d bought this ap years ago.


    indeed, a very handy thing to have. Unfortunately there is a year or two’s worth of my music chart song downloads here that were uploaded as jpg’s. Most are PDF’s since that’s what I’ve uploaded for the last several years….so my apologies if these few jpg’s are a pain to deal with…time permitting they will all be PDF’s in the near future.



    not a problem, i have music sheets in lots of different formats,
    just use the “Save As PDF” option when you print off the sheets,
    that way you can also have a PDF copy without physically printing the sheet.



    here’s a demo of someone who has one of the ‘real books’ Pdf in ForScore,
    and shows a way of getting an index setup in ForScore, so he can go
    straight to the music sheet within the ‘real book’ pdf without having
    to go through each page in the ‘real book’ pdf looking for the correct page

    a link to the ‘real books’ csv index


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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