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    Guys: Did you know this? I just heard it on the XM Radio


    Howzat :-). Look at that.
    Good news flies fast! And knows no borders.

    Anyways a guy goes to the local market one day, say, to buy some carrots. The old Italian farmer had a zebra tied up against the fence with a For Sale sign $100-.
    So the guy decided to buy the zebra. He says to the bloke, it’s very cheap mate, why is it so cheap?
    Agh, he no look a so good, says the other bloke.
    Well, now. Later on and all when the guy gets the zebra settled in at home he realises with some exasperation that the thing is tripping over things everywhere and it is blind. So he phones up the other guy to complain.
    The other guy says, like I saida mate he no look a so good.
    The same guy decides he is gonna buy a parrot. He goes to the Pet Shop and the guy sells him one and relates that the parrot talks. The bird gets settled in well but didn’t talk, a week or so later he goes back to the Pet Shop where the guy there assures him that the parrot will talk but needs a mirror, and sells him one.
    A week later he is back again and complains that the bird is STILL not talking !! And it is looking rather thin and a bit bedraggled So this time the other guy relates he needs a miniature saxophone. He has some on shelf for the guy. And he buys one to take home to the parrot.
    He gets home, when he gets home to give the parrot his new sax the parrot threw his wings up in the air and said, paint a horse with stripes matey look here doesn’t that bastard sell any birdseed down there??


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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