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      I’ve watched students play the Tj’s and they are very good sounding, the intermediate models that i’ve listened to sound better thsn my intermediate yamaha!
      My yamaha’s sounds fine, but it doesn’t have that flavour that comes out of a pro model, comparing soundwise along side my instructers selmar mine just doesn’t have that body or fuller feeling sound.
      As for clicking on the links, my virus software wasn’t picking up any malware, so i downloaded some malware hunting software & found 15 items on my pc that i removed from the registry that was slowing down my pc – i am that someone that micheal mentions in his post.
      The annoying thing is i had a lexmark printer years ago, changed it to a hp printer, uninstalled the lexmark software. And found it had left some software on it that was running everytime i printed something off.


        I was planning to post a video review of my TJ 88 model yesterday and then record some more music but I couldn’t. I’ve been playing gigs and practicing with my jazz band for multiple hours a day for the last couple weeks and the inside of my bottom lip is so cut up it hurts to play! Hopefully today it will get better and I’ll be able to record and post those videos on the blog for you all to see.


          yeah – i get sore bottom lip if i practice for 5 hours. I think the only thing to stop it is to have a bottle of drinking water handy, and take frequent sips.
          I might try some lip salve that people put on to stop their lips cracking in cold weather!

          This forum post i getting really long and slow to load on my i-touch!


            Nevermind. I’m getting really frustrated. The sax sounds fine on it’s own but I can not for the life of me figure out how to get a good sound out of logic! I’ve been fiddling with mic placement and different settings and preamps for hours and it still sounds just terrible. I have no idea what to do about it and it’s really making me mad. So I definitely won’t be uploading anything anytime soon.


              Logic is just recording softwRe so has nothing to do with your sound. What is the mic and interface your using?


                It’s a cheap tascam 57 condenser with an audiobox. I’m also playing in my cramped up closet which probably doesn’t help.


                  Michael – when do we get to hear your new sax’s man?

                  Michael Bishop

                    I’m aiming for sometime over this weekend or so..sorry about the “delay” but we’re in the process of moving into a new home-as many here know-and have been busy with that..we’re living among boxes right now LOL But the Saxophone practice has never stopped….I would go crazy without playing/practicing. I actually just finished practice for the day and put the Saxophones away about 15 minutes ago. Videos will start coming, I’ll put them here on Johnny’s forum under “Member’s Videos”. Not sure if the first one will be on Alto or Tenor yet, both Saxophones are different but both great fun 🙂


                      no probs – just wan’t to hear what
                      they sound like!

                    Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)
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