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    Steve Zukowsky

      Folks; I’m new to Johnny’s site so I apologize if this topic has been addressed already. I’m getting back into playing after several years off and I’ve narrowed my tenor choices down to two horns: the P. Mauriat System 76 Reference tenor and the Cannonball Big Bell Stone Series Tenor. Does anyone have any experience with the P. Maruiats?? I’ve gotten a ton of info on the Cannonballs but little on the P Mauriats. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


      Steven Howse

        I’ve played both and liked the cannonball better than the P. Mauriat. I ended up getting a custom made Sax Dakota several years ago. but have now fell in love with the new Yamaha 82Z2 and will be getting one soon. I already got the 82Z2 Alto and love it. Another consideration is the new Eastman Tenor which for the price is a killer pro horn.
        A wise sax player told me once that the horn chooses you. You need to spend a couple hours playing several horns to see which one chooses you.



          lol – here i thought it was only the wand that chose its owner..

          Steve Zukowsky

            smhowse: Thanks for the info. I found a couple of players in my area over the weekend who, like yourself, have played both the Cannonballs and P. Mauriats and gave the slight edge to the Mauriat. However, one of them also mentioned the Eastman tenors as a good deal. The Mauriat that I’m looking at is a demo model with two slight blemishes in its lacquer; so, the price range is about the same as the Cannonball. I think the Mauriats are a bit overpriced compared to the other Taiwanese-fabricated horns but the demo is being offered at a good discount.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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