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    Plastic reeds huh? That’s me. Been playing them for 4 years. I live at 6000 feet. Can you say very dry! I had a lesson from Johnny 2 days ago. I found a real plastic reed, Bari. So, I thought I’d use it to start off with. He said it sounded good. Hmmm? I had not used it for some time. Bottom line, There for me. I am used to using them. Not to mention, long lasting. consistent and no hassle. I use Fibracells and Legers. I have not bought a new one for over a year now. If Johnny reply’s, I’m sure he will tell you folks how I sound with them. Oh, If you have not taken a lesson from him? Do it!!! You will meet a great guy and someone who cares how your doing and can help you very much with your playing and understanding your instrument and the music we play. Rock on! Tim Hey, I said this before huh??? LOL Another thing,,,, I’m old! 70


    Rodney Name

    HEy Folks,

    I just dove into the Legere reed world. I must agree with the plastic reed folks. Great to play with and never have to worry about removing the reed to soak in water. It is always ready to jam. I find they do not growl as well but I’m finding how to move them each time I play. I was playing Vandoren Jazz 2.5 on a Otto Link NY 5 and moved to a Charlie Andrew (rare m/p) #8 with Legere 2 and exploded with sound. Furthermore, if you can find a Charlie Andrew m/p is it worth, paid only 109 bucks on eBay.


    Aminn Ellis

    I’ve been playing a fibracell reed on Bari for a few weeks cause I was sick of a cane reed playing once and then warping and sounding stuffy. Like every time. The first time I played the fibracell I was like “this is way different. Doesn’t sound as good as a cane reed” then after a day or two I got used to it and noticed that it sounded just like a regular cane reed. I asked some friends if they could tell a difference in my sound. They didn’t notice anything different. So basically they sounds just as good if not better than cane reeds as far as I’m concerned, they’ll last way longer, and they don’t hold back my playing at all. So they are an amazing deal for Bari, and I’m gonna have to try them out on the tenor too.


    Leo Jr

    I agree. I bought a Fibracell 2 and got very comfortable with it. I liked the sound. I then bought a Fibracell 3 to experiment with and its a big jump. BUT when I go back to the 2.0 I’ve got so much more control so I love the 3.0 to practice with.

    If you want to try a Fibracell, about $15.00 on Amazon for my Tenor, take a half step down from 2.5 Cane to 2.0 Fibracell as they are a bit stiffer.



    REED UPDATE! I have posted here a few times in support of synthetic reeds. I still play them at times.I have gone back to cane for a better tone. They also do much better up high for me. Don’t know why the syns don’t pop up high. Hmm? Operator error? Might be. Kepp playing. Tim


    Aminn Ellis

    I know that for some reason people think that cane sounds better than synthetic. Maybe for some people that’s the case. But I just recorded a little quick clip to hear the difference between a regular java and a fibracell and they literally sound the exact same. There’s no difference whatsoever. It’s just how they feel to you and the sound you hear in your own head when you play that’s different. So if you’re looking for something different and trying to save money, definitely try them!


    do they feel the same to you as cane reeds?



    in terms of sound the only
    difference between cane & plastic
    reeds is the timbre.

    i would argue that recording setups & playback sytems in the lower end of the market can’t compete with the top end of the market in playing back the true timbre.
    Some people swear that systems using valves playback better than
    transisters etc..

    For me when i listen to someone singing on a recording, and then i go and sit in a room and listen to them sing live – million times different! Which is why i can understand why the ladies start
    screaming ! Listening to a tenor
    singer live is fantastic, recordings don’t do them justice.

    if someone plays a wind instrument in front of me, i can’t honestly
    tell what type of reed they are using! But if 2 people are playing together in front of me , one with cane and the other with plastic, and they run up and down the scales there is a timbre difference – but then again you could arguec no 2 players sound the same.

    I think the jury is out on this one, but my moneys on cane, how
    can an unfeeling piece of plastic
    rubber compare to the instant response of a resonating piece of organic reed?


    Aminn Ellis

    Yeah that’s a very good point. If I’m playing by myself it will sound fine. If I play next to my friend he’ll sound different than me since I have the synthetic, but we also both sound different anyway. We both still sound good though. If I was playing with a pit for a show, I’ll still sound good because the audience isn’t gonna be like “there’s a tenor sax in there playing a synthetic reed.” Haha it will still sound good. And Johnny, they don’t necessarily feel exactly the same, but the differences are so slim they basically do. I can get used to it easily and they will feel fine. I think it’s more of a psychological thing. Like you know you’re playing a synthetic reed, so your mind tells you that the sound should be different, and you end up hearing a different sound in your head.


    Aminn Ellis

    Nevermind. I’m having trouble with all my setups. I’m so frustrated right now! Idk if it’s my horn or something but it’s literally hard to play certain notes. Not just with the synthetic but with cane too. So I don’t know. It’s really making me mad though. I can’t stand having these problems all the time.



    well if all the reeds play the same & all the setups play the same – must be the sax?



    You haven’t done what i did last year – i left an old sock inside
    the sax & forgot about it!
    The next day i couldn’t understand why the bottom notes wouldn’t play!

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