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      get your new tenor mouthpiece ligature

      Uovo Tenor Saxophone Ligature


        Rolling, rolling rollin, rawhide!

        Thanks Sx poet for sharing i love to try one out sometime, that is when the budget permits ..


        Ghost Riders in the Sky …

        —— / ——

        Check out the embellishments that John share with us on this track ya,
        at timemark approx 3:42 for the tutorial ~

        —— / ——

        See also, keep on rockin’


          Link states good for metal Otto Link mps

          & Staff review says,
          “But when cutting to the chase and playing it, I have to admit that I was really knocked out with the extra resonance that was on hand, over and above a standard cloth lig”.

          ♪ • Otto Link mps have a metal ligature. i think lots of other metal mps. One day soon sx poet i love to get my hands on a Jody Jazz, seems the cut away on the table gonna make that reed really swing ..


            I once played a jody jazz Jet, really nice.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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