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    pretty good! I still prefer the original LP version featuring Sonny Rollins, a more fitting


    I agree with you Johnny. Rollins sounded great with the Stones!

    jak Swift

    Thanks Mel, just taking a break, I’ll catch this on the sound bar tonight.
    Its one of my favourite Stones songs…
    I even remember the cheesy video…
    Sitting on the stoop , they pass by one by one and greet each other like long lost friends….☺☺.
    As for Josh Redman….
    I’m not much of a ” jazzer “….
    It was great watching those Movie shorts….the sax battle. I’d much rather hear these guys play with more cajones and less of the jazz stuff…
    The James Carter clips are incredible…. Just goes to show , it really all starts and ends with the blues…
    Each to their own !!
    Look forward to Sly also. ” Family Affair ” is one of the funkiest lowdown grooves…..yeah !!!

    jak Swift

    I don’t know, after Bobby Keys, Ernie Watts did a lot , but on occasion ….
    I mean Josh Redman is a great player, but not , I would have thought the obvious choice…
    I think Charlie Watts love of jazz may have something to do with it.
    I don’t know if its true, but apparently they asked Lee Allen to come out of semi retirement to tour.
    Mr Allen agreed…. saw the size of the stadiums…
    Ernie Watts did it !!😕😕


    that’s a beleivable one Jak!
    no ones more of a “jazzer” than Sonny Rollins but he had such impecible taste that he played for the music, not for others to see how many notes he could fit in.
    as for stories….after those “Tattoo You” sessions he was asked in an interview about working with the Stones in the studio to which he replied something like:
    Nothing too different, all I know is they paid me more money than I’ve ever been paid before!

    jak Swift

    Johnny, thats so right…..
    I can imagine Sonny’s deadpan delivery…
    Just watched the Chet Baker bio pic…
    ” Moving “…. I’ll leave it right there until maybe some of you guys get to see it …
    Been a long week….
    Seriously Johnny …
    Thanks man…..
    Let’s keep this site the best show in town….☺☺

    jak Swift

    I lost my ” Voodoo Lounge ” T a few years back…grrr😡😡

    jak Swift

    That’s a great way to end the week on that thought…” Play for the music ; not the amount of notes you can fit in “… Be part of a ” recipie”.
    Choose those notes, make them matter…make them REALLY matter…
    The Andy Snitzers…
    Tony Dagradi…
    The guys we’ve covered in my opinion sum up my attitude to playing. The clue is is the sentence..” Attitude “… If you don’t mean it you can’t blow it !!
    I honestly don’t understand how the Chris Potters of the world have to ” dazzle ” with baffling patterns.
    That is NOT the difficult part…
    To make something simple really work….then you are on the way !!
    Cue jak zen face ….😊
    I’ve gone all philosophical after watching Chet 😕
    Seriously, its been a tough week….
    Here’s to the future……
    Thanks folks….


    This song never gets old. Sonny Rollins crushed playing saxophone for this song!!!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 11 total)
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