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    Terry ONeill

    I have just joined this group. I’m probably one of the older members on here – I am now retired. When I first began playing sax 15 years ago I had previously never played any instrument. Nor could I read music. I then played for 5 years and reached grade 5 ABRSM in both theory and jazz practical – I learn best when I have a target/challenge. I don’t think I was ever a good player, I just grafted hard to get my grades and to try to understand a little more about the chord structures of the music that I listen to. I used to practice for about an hour away, 5 or 6 days a week. I was about to embark on level 6 Trinity Guildhall (ABRSM don’t offer a grade 6 jazz level). And then 10 years ago I just stopped completely (stuff happened, life gets complicated sometimes – don’t ask). I picked up my sax again last week and could hardly blow a note. I struggled reading the music/staves and had forgotten most everything. Anyway, my question is, do I start with Complete Beginner level, or Advanced Beginner level? I’m under no illusions. Given that formerly I got by through hard work rather than any innate musical ability then I’m happy to do the former.


    Hey Terry…thanks for your message. Always interesting to know where people are coming from!
    The grade stuff is good and shows you did a certain amount of work to get there, but in music, the most important thing is to play.
    So….if you just picked up your horn again after a long time and can’t blow the notes then you have to back it up a bit.

    you won’t be in the same category as a total beginner because you’ll probably move along a lot faster. But, you still should go through the basics and make sure you’re getting that strong foundation down. This will make your moving ahead solid and quicker in the long run.

    Once you get the air support and embouchure and fingering back you’ll be flyin’…good luck. lemme know if you need any help.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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