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    Jazz Cat

      Winter Wonderland: I just recorded / made this video tonight, rough…intro only, enjoy 🙂

      happy holidays to all


        Festive! Love the mellow sound Jazz Cat.

        Can’t wait till I can play my Tenor like that!

        paddy jordan

          happy Holidays Jazz Cat i like that looks your having fun.the back ground vid is also real cool!by the way whats your saxophone?

          Michael Bishop

            Hi Jazz Cat,
            Cool way to spice up your videos with the background change. I’ve learned how to do it with the Green Screen and have some projects coming up where I’ll be doing that. Looks like you’re having great fun for sure 🙂 What is your Sax/mp set up? You have a nice, fat, round sound, very cool 🙂 Just on a friendly side note, make sure you’re getting enough air support so as to not let a note die out. Johnny has talked to me about this before and I’m working on it 🙂 Great job, looking forward to the rest of it!

            Jazz Cat

              thanks guys…fun to get in the holiday mood. I’m playing a yamaha yts23 w/otto link stm5…that reed’s no good, a 2 1/2, I need to take Johnny’s advice and test out a handful of 2 1/2s / 3s to find a better one, using van doren java reds, rovner ligature and a just joe’s neckstrap. on to-do list is get a yts62, been watching ebay auctions.

              totally agree Michael re airflow, that’s something I’d gotten advice on earlier too, is work on sustaining airflow for full notes. I’m 51 living in high altitude Colorado/thin air, so that’s part of it; mostly tho i don’t practice enough lol.

              for fat sound I add reverb/fx in post (I use sony vegas) to original sound, like pros do, though I don’t know how, just experimenting…right re backgrounds, I buy video clips from to use …

              happy holidays, all 🙂

              Michael Bishop

                Yep, I know what you mean about the thin air/high elevation there in Colorado…I’m from Northern New Mexico myself and went into Colorado many times. I used to fish heavily around the Colorado Springs are of Elevenmile Reservoir and Spinney Mountain Reservoir. I also used to fish Taylor Rerservoir which is even higher elevation LOL But you did a good job Jazz Cat. Nice mixing of your video, looks great 🙂

                Mark Kiziuk

                  Nicely done!

                  sx poet

                    Have a Merry Christmas everyone, some xmas songs from previous years…

                    Robert Frederick

                      Very nice.

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