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    Tania Plahay

    Hola todos!

    I am a alto sax player. I learnt when I was a teenager but than didn’t touch my sax for about 20 years! I was busy with work, and lived in a small flat in central London. I picked up my sax again after moving to Spain (I’ve got a Yamaha YAS 23). My old horn was still in the family with my niece who started learning but than went on to clarinet.

    I have been taking music lessons at the local school but with a focus on classical music but wanted to play some more modern stuff and some jazz and blues! I came across Johnny’s website from YouTube and have been a premium member since about September. I’ve been really enjoying the backing tracks and tutorials. I have played in a few bars and at friends parties and am really enjoying it.

    Anyway just wanted to say hello from Spain and gracias to Johnny for your excellent music and backing tracks. Looking forward to learning more of the backing tracks from the live band! Save the last dance sounds great!

    Hasta pronto!


    Hola Tania, what region of Spain do you live in? I’m an alto player from the north of England and was due to move to Mallorca today. Unfortunately my plans are on hold due to the current situation! I was going to start work as a holistic therapist over there. I also started playing when I was a teenage then stopped for 10 years! x

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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